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Fides, « trust », covers the economic side of CSR, and includes all of the Group's responsibilities towards its customers: commitments in respect of economic responsibility, exemplarity in respect of regulatory compliance and banking ethics (fight against fraud, ethics, fight against market abuse, financial security, etc.).


A coordination unit for the prevention of fraud was established in September 2008 within Crédit Agricole S.A. Compliance department, in order to provide an overview of all types of fraud (payment systems, electronic banking, credit, market activities, insurance, etc.) and to unite and coordinate mechanisms implemented in the fight against fraud. This unit works closely with the other relevant control or support functions: Risk Management and Permanent Controls, Inspection/Audit, Legal, Human Resources and Information Systems Security, all their roles being complementary. It relies on the people responsible for coordinating the prevention of fraud, designated within each Group entity, who implement and coordinate the mechanisms used in the fight against fraud at their level.
The struggle against fraud is an essential component of the Group’s policy and has been reinforced, becoming an important part of FReD.