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At Crédit Agricole, we have always wanted to support our employees as best possible in their development. That is why we have adopted a global approach taking into account of universal values, in order to make the working environment a human environment.

This approach has now been set out formally in our Human Rights charter, called RESPECT.

RESPECT Human Rights charter: expressing our beliefs

Our RESPECT charter, signed in late 2009 by Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries, is based on a certainty: respecting human rights is not only the responsibility of the government. We are committed to promoting and developing these principles in our business areas and our spheres of influence.

Our Human Rights charter, under the acronym "RESPECT", reflects all of the Group's commitments and represents the first step of a broader plan of action. A progress-led approach covering the three tenets of corporate social responsibility needs to be implemented.
In addition, the principles of the charter will be rolled out within all of the Group's entities, in France and abroad.

(+) on the RESPECT Human Rights charter  (pdf - 311.04 ko)

RESPECT, the 7 commitments of Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries:

A number of measures taken in 2009 illustrate the involvement of the Group's entities in fulfilling these seven commitments.

The sample measures cited within the framework of RESPECT are not exhaustive.