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Group Medium-Term Plan - Crédit Agricole 2016


Grow and deliver strong, recurring earnings

Crédit Agricole Group presents its Medium Term Plan for 2014-2016 that relies on solid fundamentals with:
• 2016 expected net income Group share >€6.5 bn for Crédit Agricole Group
• 2016 expected net income Group share >€4 bn for Crédit Agricole S.A.

Medium Term Plan core focus on retail banking and savings management & insurance business lines prioritizing organic growth

Further reinforced solvency in 2016 with CET1 Basel 3 fully loaded ratios of:
• 14.0% for Crédit Agricole Group
• >10.5% for Crédit Agricole S.A.

Dividend: as of 2015, assumption of a 50% dividend pay-out with 50% payment in cash

Crédit Agricole 2016: Four strategic pillars:

  • Innovate and transform the Group's retail banking business to better serve its customers and strengthen its leadership in France
    • Undertake a transformation tailored to each branch network to meet new customer expectations, in line with the specific features of its banks and customer groups.
  • Step up revenue synergies across the Group
    • Broaden synergies, mainly through bancassurance but also between Specialised financial services and the Group's retail banks; strengthen positions in areas of excellence.
  • Achieve focused growth in Europe
    • Step up organic growth in Italy, the Group's second domestic market, accelerate growth in Savings management and Insurance as well as asset management and pursue a focused strategy for other businesses.
  • Invest in human resources, strengthen Group efficiency and mitigate risks
    • Implement an ambitious €3.7 billion investment plan, invest in human resources, complete IT convergence and continue to reduce costs whilst maintaining a strict risk control policy.

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