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Housing is a key concern among French people and a major factor in their spending with 90% of non-homeowners keen to acquire property of their own. Housing accounts for the bulk of French expenditure, and real estate for two thirds of their estate.

A dual on-site–customer approach

Housing has become a key priority at Crédit Agricole. With real estate the group's third core business, Crédit Agricole is looking to become France's leading housing bank with an active presence throughout the value chain. Crédit Agricole is targeting the housing pathway from start to finish – from student accommodation to homes for dependent people – while investing in new construction projects such as social housing.


Group entities involved in real estate



An Eco standpoint

Every quarter, the Crédit Agricole S.A. Economic Studies Department offers an analysis of the main real estate market segments in France and Europe.  Click here  to view recent publications.