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Shareholders' club

The Club is open to all individual shareholders holding

  • at least 50 bearer shares
  • or 1 registered share,
  • along with all Crédit Agricole employees holding at least 1 share directly.

Club members receive regular information and learning sessions designed specifically for them. They receive

  • the Shareholders’ Club newsletter one time per year,
  • and a copy of the Shareholder’s Guide on request (only in French).

They may attend "Rendez vous du Club" meetings, meet management and take part in cultural and sporting events sponsored by Crédit Agricole.
For example:

  • "Rendez vous du Club" meetings:
    These meetings are held across France. They are hosted by Group experts and deal with a range of themes, such as: the economic outlook, preparing for retirement, passing on assets to the next generation and understanding the stockmarket.
  • Meeting management:
    Group information meetings deal with Crédit Agricole’s results, business areas and strategy, and are regularly attended by shareholders and Crédit Agricole S.A.’s top management.
  • Sporting and cultural events:
    Club members regularly receive tickets to football matches, as well as invitations to cultural sites renovated with the assistance of the "Pays de France" Foundation and exhibitions.

anifestations sportives ou culturelles  :
Rencontres de football, visites de sites rénovés avec l’appui de la Fondation des Pays de France, expositions, sont proposées aux membres du Club.

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