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Economic Research

The fear market

The fear market has been flourishing ever since the Major Crisis of 2008. Some observers, notably Nouriel Roubini AKA Doctor Doom, the...(October 2015)

Shattered dreams

It is a gloomy time on the financial markets, with investors ready to jump at the slightest scare, prompting a mass sell-off of risky assets...(September 2015)

Whither the middle classes?

If emerging economies grow less quickly, what will become of their middle classes, who were supposed to reshape global demand and possibly...(September 2015)

Should the Fed act or stand pat?

The news will be dominated this week by the Federal Open Market Committee, America's top monetary policy-making body, which meets Thursday...(September 2015)

ECB cuts rates and announces ABS purchases

The ECB unexpectedly cut all policy rates today, bringing the Refi rate down to 0.05% and the deposit rate to -0.20%. The TLTROs will...(September 2014)

United Kingdom: housing market outlook

In this Focus, we look at the degree to which prices are overvalued in the UK real estate market in light of standard household solvency...(September 2014)

UK: Commercial real estate

The commercial real estate includes mainly three categories of assets: office, retail and industrial. Each one of these segments corresponds...(August 2014)

South Korea: Further challenges to address

South Korea is gradually returning to its potential growth path. Appropriate economic policy and efficient export-driven industries have...(July 2014)

Two-speed French real estate

The housing market is adjusting differently in the new build and pre-owned sectors. In the pre-owned sector, unit sales totalled 740,000 in...(July 2014)

France – ISEs: appraisal, impact, issues

The rise of intermediate-sized enterprises (Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire – ISEs) is often seen to be spearheading France's...(July 2014)