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The Group

Back to school with CA Bank Polska

CA Bank Polska is running its “Bank with Class*” campaign for the third consecutive year. Some 80 employees have volunteered to share...(September 2014)

Pin your pictures of life at the Crédit Agricole Group!

For two years now, Crédit Agricole S.A. has told its story in pictures on social network Pinterest. Coupled with an interactive Foursquare...(July 2014)

Amundi launches new corporate film

Video "Confidence" 1 A year after launching a new communications tagline, “Trust has to be earned”, Amundi is unveiling...(June 2014)

Hong Kong : Amundi goes local

Amundi has launched a new advertising campaign in Hong Kong, building on the one launched at end-2013. The dual aim is to promote the Amundi...(June 2014)

The Group presents its plans to serve business areas to the AGM

An eco-friendly neighbourhood in the city of MelunIt drew on the expertise of the Brie-Picardie Regional Bank, Crédit Agricole Immobilier...(May 2014)

Innovation showcased at the AGM

Ma Banque (My Bank), Crédit Agricole’s new mobile app for France  Video "Innovation Monem...(May 2014)

Two regional banks invest in amundi's fund for social cohesion

Designed for maximum social impact, the Finance et Solidarité fund invests in young, growing companies that provide goods and services*,...(May 2014)

Cariparma meets new graduates at Ikea

In a new human resources project, “Assessment 2.0”, Cariparma is recruiting recent graduates in an novel way. For the first time,...(May 2014)