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The Group

An end to the myth of “happy” globalisation

Is the process of globalisation a positive or negative-sum game? To answer that question is to understand why a part of society today is...(September 2016)

Crédit Agricole CIB successfully meets renminbi challenges

In the last few years China’s central bank has significantly changed its monetary policy with a view to transforming the country’s...(August 2016)

Fog in the Channel; the UK is cut off

Shock, sadness and uncertainty are the overwhelming feelings in the aftermath of the Brexit "yes" vote. However, sovereignists in...(June 2016)

Q1 2016 results

...(May 2016)

Do corruption indicators give a false sense of objectivity?

Corruption has become a focal aspect of governance in the last two decades. Numerous global and regional agreements have been signed,...(April 2016)

Medium-Term Plan Strategic Ambition 2020

9 March 2016Crédit Agricole group today presents its new medium-term strategic plan for the next three years: "Strategic Ambition...(March 2016)

China and the wild geese

The “Chinese miracle” has much in common with the “Japanese miracle” of the post-war period, which propelled Japan forward to become...(February 2016)