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The Group

China and the wild geese

The “Chinese miracle” has much in common with the “Japanese miracle” of the post-war period, which propelled Japan forward to become...(February 2016)

Market concerns over the Italian banking sector

Following the bail-out of four regional banks in late November, the financial markets have kept up the pressure on Italy’s banking sector,...(January 2016)

Upheavals from China

As the year gets underway, markets seem to be affected by the blank-page syndrome. In today's highly uncertain and risk-prone environment,...(January 2016)


...(December 2015)

Foggy outlook for China

From China's perspective, the world's second largest economic power is not in the dire straits that the media was making out this summer....(December 2015)

Subscription period opens for Amundi IPO

As announced in June, Amundi officially launched its IPO today after obtaining approval from the French financial market authority on Friday...(November 2015)

Reading the ECB like an open book

Gone are the days when monetary policy issues were discussed behind closed doors, so that surprise was synonymous with efficacy in terms of...(October 2015)

Village by CA Nord de France to open at Lille French Tech

It was at an emblematic venue for French tech, Euratechnologies in Lille, that the Nord de France Regional Bank unveiled the “Village by...(October 2015)