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2012 is behind us…


2012 is behind us

We have sold our subsidiary in Greece

The final agreement for the sale of Emporiki, our retail bank in Greece, has now been signed. Our presence in Greece proved costly, but we took this necessary step and now the episode, which has left its mark on the Group, is finally behind us.

We have withdrawn from selected businesses

We have terminated some activities that were furthest from our core business in order to concentrate on those that are most useful to customers. For instance, we have stopped commodities trading and withdrawn from most of our equity derivatives business.

We have re-measured our assets

In view of the economic situation we took the precaution of marking down the value of some of the companies we acquired in the past. This decision impacted our results but it has also made us more solid and allows us to go into the new year with confidence.

Our 2012 results

Our Group’s unusual situation in 2012, and the decisions we took to extricate ourselves from it, had a considerable impact on net income attributable to the Group, reported at € -3.8 billion. However, it had no impact on our capacity to finance the real economy, since we have one of the best solvency ratios in the banking industry, at 11.8%.
Our operating income, which came in at more than € 8 billion, is proof that the Regional Banks and our business lines are performing well.

the leading French bank

Crédit Agricole is useful

Our staff assist 27 million customers all over France, providing them with the full range of services you would expect of a major banking group. This includes credit, savings products, insurance, asset management and private banking.
→ Loans distributed in France: €485 billion, nearly one quarter of total lending nationwide.

Crédit Agricole is responsible

Managed by 29,000 voluntary administrators, our 39 Regional Banks are cooperative mutual institutions that invest the savings deposited with them mainly in regional projects. This allows us to create jobs at your local level, just as we do at our local level. Such is the strength of the Crédit Agricole model.
→ Total headcount in France: 113,000 employees 

Crédit Agricole is solid

Crédit Agricole’s stockholders’ equity stands at €71 billion. We have some of the biggest cash reserves of all French banks. And by refocusing on retail banking, we have become more solid.
→ Available reserves: € 230 billion.


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