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Between e-learning and serious games: explore Crédit Agricole’s new white paper

Following an inaugural work on “business communities of practice”, the Crédit Agricole Group has published a white paper on the boom in training games.

E-learning and serious games* are popping up everywhere in business and human relations circles as trainers realise how useful they are in professional teaching and learning.

The white paper is a cooperative effort by Crédit Agricole S.A., Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole and our training institute, Institut de Formation du Crédit Agricole, and was created under the aegis of the MIKE Club. It surveys the Group’s thinking and experiments in training games.

The paper covers game-based training, including serious games, and success factors as viewed by Crédit Agricole employees who have been developing and rolling out these tools.

Designed for the broadest audience, the white paper collection can be viewed and shared on all social networks. The plan? To make the most of the Group’s training expertise and share the best practices that various entities have put in place.


Read the e-book on SlideShare (French)

* A serious game is a teaching exercise using the scenarios and graphics of a video game