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France: reforms gathering pace, but financing is tight

In his general policy statement, the Prime Minister presented the main outlines of his economic programme. He confirmed and emphasised the...(April 2014)


March 10th 2014 will be the d-day for “Agos Ducato Pay”, the payments via smartphones project launched by Agos Ducato  in...(April 2014)

France can pull it off

France faces many difficulties, including a structural competitiveness deficit, high unemployment, and low corporate profitability. These...(April 2014)

No ECB action (yet) despite growing concerns

The ECB defeated our (out-of-consensus) forecast of a rate cut today, choosing not to react to the latest drop in inflation. At the same...(April 2014)

Get to the nitty gritty, but without losing sight of the rest!

Growth in Q413, which was positive in almost all countries, at 0.3% QoQ compared with 0.0% in Q3, picked up everywhere. It was sustained in...(March 2014)

The UK recovery: is this time any different?

Historically, domestic demand, especially household consumption, tends to lead recoveries in the UK. Net trade tends to be a muted...(March 2014)

Crédit Agricole S.A. encourages organic farming

For Crédit Agricole Group, the Paris International Agricultural Show is a time to bestow prizes that encourage positive trends in French...(March 2014)

Spain: things are looking up

The recovery is under way in Spain, even if fundamentals remain fragile. GDP is expected to progress by 0.9% in 2014, boasted by a strong...(March 2014)

Winter chill followed by spring growth

Q1 economic growth was hurt by harsh winter weather. A spring rebound will be sustained by improving growth fundamentals. Fiscal and...(March 2014)