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Green light for COP21!

The 21st Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opens today at Le Bourget, near...(November 2015)

Subscription period opens for Amundi IPO

As announced in June, Amundi officially launched its IPO today after obtaining approval from the French financial market authority on Friday...(November 2015)

Crédit Agricole shareholders and employees plant a hectare of trees with Reforest’Action

Over 60 Crédit Agricole employees (from Crédit Agricole S.A., CACEIS and the Brie Picardie Regional Bank) and Crédit Agricole SA...(October 2015)

Reading the ECB like an open book

Gone are the days when monetary policy issues were discussed behind closed doors, so that surprise was synonymous with efficacy in terms of...(October 2015)

Village by CA Nord de France to open at Lille French Tech

It was at an emblematic venue for French tech, Euratechnologies in Lille, that the Nord de France Regional Bank unveiled the “Village by...(October 2015)


International trade is no longer growing as fast as it was before the 2008 collapse. One of the reasons for the slowdown is that worldwide...(October 2015)

The fear market

The fear market has been flourishing ever since the Major Crisis of 2008. Some observers, notably Nouriel Roubini AKA Doctor Doom, the...(October 2015)

Shattered dreams

It is a gloomy time on the financial markets, with investors ready to jump at the slightest scare, prompting a mass sell-off of risky assets...(September 2015)

Whither the middle classes?

If emerging economies grow less quickly, what will become of their middle classes, who were supposed to reshape global demand and possibly...(September 2015)