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Poland: First Crédit Agricole ad campaign

juliette Binoche

In Poland, the first sales advertising campaign under the Crédit Agricole brand name is being launched, today, 18 October 2011. It’s slogan is presented by French actress Juliette Binoche, a well-known figure in Poland: “Simple and with sense”, which carries on the spirit of the tagline Le bon sens a de l’avenir (“Common sense has a future”), which could not be literally translated into Polish. The advertisement highlights the viewpoint of customers, with what they like and what they don’t like about a bank. It’s a simple, attractive way of presenting the values and importance of the Crédit Agricole Group: despite its being one of the world’s biggest banks, it is able to stay close to its customers by focusing on transparency and honesty. The campaign is part of a global advertising strategy designed to boost awareness of the Crédit Agricole brand to 70% among the Polish population over the next three years.

(+) www.credit-agricole.pl