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Customer interest


Remaining faithful to our history and our values, in France and abroad, we want to offer the best services to all of our customers, even the most fragile.
For several years, Group companies including LCL, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Crédit Agricole Assurances, Cariparma Group, Crédit Agricole Srbija and more recently Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring (CAL&F) have developed their own tools and/or surveys to measure customer satisfaction, and to define priority actions to improve it. In addition, each entity has developed methods appropriate to its business for optimising the monitoring and handling of customer complaints.


We have more than 11,600 branches around the globe, which enable us to work with our customers both in France and abroad and be closer to them and offer services that meet their needs.
In Madagascar, BNI Madagascar facilitates access to credit through personalised mini-loans of one or two years, according to the needs and repayment capacity of customers.
Our locations


Our clients can rely on us during crises: in Italy Credit Agricole Cariparma Group has an “anti-crisis” programme, which enables bank customers to get through a difficult period by means of repayment deferrals, favourable interest rates, advances against wages or unemployment benefits.
Crédit Agricole exercises its responsibility towards its historical clientele by helping farmers get through particularly tough times.

  • In 2010: active participation to the Exceptional Support to Agriculture Plan, total banking loans were about €1 billion.
  • In 2011: to help cattle farmers affected by drought, Crédit Agricole opened a line of cash loans at preferential rates to meet the cost of purchasing straw.


For the most vulnerable customers, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance undertakes an exhaustive assessment of their repayment capacity and their remaining living resources when granting them a credit, in order to prevent situations of excessive indebtedness. The most vulnerable can also take advantage of the assistance of the Association de Recherche pour un Crédit Harmonieux et d’Innovation pour la Maîtrise de l’Endettement (Archime’d), with which Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (North region) collaborates, in order to assist them in managing their budgets and to determine the most appropriate solutions for their situation.

We have adapted our range of products and services in order to avoid banking exclusion with the launch of personal micro-loans. Those personal micro-loans allow for financing of personal projects that do not provide enough guarantees for a loan.
In France, the Regional Banks forge partnerships with microcredit organisations in order to encourage all creators and acquirers of companies – including those excluded from traditional banking services – and to help professionals get through a difficult period.

As a universal and mutualist bank, we aim to serve all our customers, including those who are having a hard time. That is why we set up the “Points Passerelle”: these are support centres providing a framework for listening and mediation with an input of banking and financial know-how which can help customers coping with difficulties.

  •  33,000 supported since the creation, 8,000 in 2011
  •  A network of 115 advisers
  •  Over 500 volunteer guides
  •  70% of applicants back on track or about to getting back on track
  •  75 % of such solutions are social in nature (mediation, counselling, educational and budgetary advice etc.) and 25 % financial in nature (loan repurchase offers, microcredit, etc.)