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Through its recruitment policy and in its career management system, Crédit Agricole aims to support cultural and social diversity.
We pay particularly close attention to ensuring equal opportunity and combating discrimination, facilitating the employability of young and disabled people within the Group.

  • Disability and integration
  • Equality between men and women
  • Work-based training: our commitments to young people
  • The “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” association


With the third three-year agreement (2011 to 2013) signed to support employment of disabled workers, the Group and all of its subsidiaries have made a commitment to progress and achieving quantified results. For example, the target of recruiting 140 people over three years, equal to 46 a year, was beaten in 2011 with 52 people recruited.


In order to encourage gender diversity, Executive Management made a commitment in late 2011 to increase the proportion of women in management circles by 2014, from 12% to 20% for the top circle of executive managers and from 18% to 25% for upper management.
Achieving these targets entails the implementation of an ambitious plan of action, with the creation of a pool of female “key resources”, the creation of a mentoring scheme, encouraging the creation of internal women’s networks and promoting women, particularly through mobility. These measures are accompanied by quantitative assessment indicators allowing us to evaluate the progress made.
The many initiatives undertaken within the Group include the agreement relating to professional equality between men and women, signed by Crédit Agricole S.A. on 16 February 2012 for a period of three years. We believe that the mixture of jobs within the company constitutes a source of complementarity and overall enrichment for employees, as well as a means of achieving balance, social cohesion and economic efficiency.


Each year, we take on an average of 870 interns and more than 1,300 people on work-based training contracts across all of our business lines.
A number of measures have been introduced to allow us to identify future employees :

  • development of “breeding grounds”
  • procedure for identifying potential
  • creation of an online community to help with the integration of people on work-based training contracts and interns.


The Group has been a partner of the “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” association since 2007. The association helps young people with university degrees, mainly from underprivileged areas, by providing individual mentoring between experienced managers and young graduates.
The association came to meet with employees in Montrouge in June to present the outlook for 2012. Managers from the association, staff mentors and Crédit Agricole S.A.’s head of Young People and Diversity Policy took this opportunity to discuss the situation and promote the concrete actions they are taking.