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Group’s Sector policies

The goal of Crédit Agricole’s CSR policy is to define general principles and rules of engagement for financing and investment, in line with the policy of Crédit Agricole S.A. The Group has identified the best practices recognized by major international bodies and trade organizations and has formulated a series of evaluation and exclusion criteria based on this information.

Arms and defence sector

First sectoral policy published by Crédit Agricole, this procedural memo sets out a general framework for dealing with or excluding companies in the arms and defence sector with respect to financing, investing and providing services. It describes the operating principles applicable to counterparties with ties to the arms sector, distinguishing between controversial weapons (anti-personnel landmines and cluster bombs), sensitive weapons and other arms and defence equipment.

Download the procedural memo  

Energy sector

The principles and rules defined apply to all of Crédit Agricole SA group’s financing and investment activities in relation to coal-fired power, nuclear power, hydro-electric dams, oil, gas and shale gas. These standards will be revised as its knowledge and understanding of these industries evolve.
Download the Group’s energy policy
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Metals and mining sector

This Policy referring to the extractive industries completes the other CSR policies for the Energy sector given the importance of these issues notably in terms of biodiversity and human rights. It has been applied at Group level since February 2013.
Download the Group’s metals and mining policy
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Transport Sector

This policy encompasses the principles of inclusion applicable to loans and investments in the following subsectors: Aviation, Shipping and Automotive.
Download the Group’s transport policy