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Review/outlook table

Our review of 2011/outlook for 2012 table shows the projects that we completed during 2011 in various sectors of activity. It also highlights the direction that our corporate social responsability (CSR) policy will take in 2012.

CSR management

SER management
Areas of action in 2011 Status at year-end 2011 Priorities for 2012
Crédit Agricole S.A. Group policy
• Roll-out of FReD, the Group CSR policy, in 10 Group entities*
Launched • Implementation of the FReD action plans identified by the 10 entities
• Creation of the 1st FReD index in late 2012/early 2013 Group sector policies
• Publication of an energy sector policy (coal, nuclear, hydro-electricity, shale gas, oil and gas) Ongoing • Continuation of work to integrate environmental and social criteria into sector financing policies
Corporate and investment banking
• Test period for Equator banks for implementation of principles outside of Project Financing
Completed • Progressive roll-out on the basis of Equator Principles Version 3

Economic responsibility 

Economic responsibility
Areas of action in 2011 Status at year-end 2011 Priorities for 2012
• Strengthening of the information exchange system and of training of Group employees on fraud prevention Completed • Action to raise employee awareness and prevent external fraud
• Launch of the nationwide Customer Recommendation Index (CRI) Completed • Carrying out of the 2nd nationwide CRI survey
• Launch of the regional CRI
• Establishment of testing for the branch CRI
• Launch of the Customer Relations 2.0 project Completed • Roll-out, broadening and widespread application of the project
    • Carrying out of nationwide satisfaction surveys across all segments
• Establishment of support measures for cattle breeders and fruit and vegetable producers Continued • Continuation of helping programmes for farmers
• Establishment of a protocol for people in difficulty at LCL  Launched  • Continuation of the programme and of its roll-out
• Roll-out of new FIDES compliance procedures across all Group entities Ongoing • Release of the English version of FIDES training (e-learning + classroom)
• Identification and sharing of best practices in terms of handling of complaints within Group entities, taking on board the recommendations of the oversight authorities as regards complaints Ongoing  • Development of a common complaints framework for Group entities
• Streamlining and structuring of the existing New products/New activities process Ongoing • Expansion of the action plan on the basis of the roll-out of the Group’s relationship commitments

Social responsibility

Social responsibility
Areas of action in 2011 Status at year-end 2011 Priorities for 2012
• Programs to develop responsible management in a number of Group entities (CAL&F, Cariparma, Crédit Agricole CIB, CAAGIS, etc.) Completed • Implementation and continuation of programs
• Signature of an internal charter on telecommuting,launch of a pilot at Crédit Agricole S.A. followed by the signature of a telecommuting agreement Signed and launched  • Development of telecommuting at Crédit Agricole S.A. and the SILCA subsidiary
• Collaborative program, “DestiNations à l'International”,to promote international mobility  Launched • Implementation of “DestiNations à l'International”
• Exceeding of the hiring target set out in the 3rd agreement on the hiring of people with disabilities in 2011  Completed and renewed • Pursuit of the targets laid down in the agreement
• Group participation in the leading FinanciELLES inter-bank network comprising female managers from eight large banks Launched  • Continued participation and broadening of the “diversity” target
• Action programs implemented within the Group, including the managerial best practices charter, to reduce stress at Crédit Agricole CIB Launched • Continued work on action plans
• Launch and development of collaborative tools at Crédit Agricole S.A.(trainee community, Sharepoint, etc.) Launched • Progressive roll-out within the Group
• Five commitments of management circles for 2014 (including the development of both the participative approach and diversity) Launched • Continued work on action plan
• Distribution of a practical guide on protected sector purchasing Completed • Additional volumes awarded to the protected sector
• Transformation of the payroll system through the AGILIS program: sharing of payroll processing and management of all Crédit Agricole S.A. French entities Launched  • Progressive roll-out of AGILIS within the entities (involving two systems: PYGMALION and GALATEE)
Crédit Agricole Assurances
• Financial aid for a number of associations supporting family caregivers or volunteers (€300,000 budget)
Launched  • Continuation of awareness raising and financial support for caregivers
• Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation: 45 financings approved since 2008 in some 19 countries Done • Support for new initiatives in the field of social business
• Help for customers facing difficult times following a misfortune: 63 points passerelles in 30 Regional Banks, 8,000 people assistedin 2011 of which 70% are back on track Ongoing   

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility
Areas of action in 2011 Status at year-end 2011 Priorities for 2012
Dialogue with suppliers
• Organisation of the 3rd Horizon awards
• Designation of a Crédit Agricole mediator
• Signature of the responsible purchasing charter issued by the CDAF**
• CSR rating of suppliers by a listed body
• Appointment made in early 2012
• Factoring eco-design and energy savings into computer hardware purchasing 
• Expansion of the SRI range to other customer segments
• Launch of forest insurance
• Launch of a green car offering
• Initial results of the work quantifying the CO2 emissions associated with the bank’s financing and investment projects Done • Continuation of the approach undertaken by Crédit Agricole CIB and the Chair of Quantitative Finance and Sustainable Development at Paris Dauphine University and the École Polytechnique
• Financing of the Livelihoods fund Done • Recovery of the first carbon credits to offset Group emissions
• Testing of the incorporation of environmental risks into credit decisions
• Testing in some ten Regional Banks of a home energy savings offering
• Launch of a green fund, available in the retail banking network
• Publication of the Group’s paper policy Done • Complete the establishment of the paper policy (reporting, 25% cut in consumption over three years 2010-2013, responsible purchasing, recycling)
    • Actions to reduce transportation-related CO2 emissions (caused by employees for professional purposes and by suppliers travelling to and from our sites)
• Broadening of the scope of consolidation of the energy and water consumption reporting Done • Continued broadening of scope
• Offsetting of CO2 emissions from energy by means of the purchase of carbon certificates (Crédit Agricole S.A. scope) Done • Offsetting repeated for the 5th consecutive year
• 5% reduction in energy consumption per annum (Crédit Agricole S.A. in the Ile-de-France region) over a period of three years (2012-2014) Started  

* The 10 FReD entities: Amundi, Crédit Agricole Assurances, CACEIS, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Crédit Agricole CIB, Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, Crédit Agricole Private
Banking, Groupe Crédit Agricole Cariparma, Crédit Agricole S.A., LCL
** CDAF - Compagnie des dirigeants et acheteurs de France (French managers and purchasers association)