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Crédit Agricole and football

Crédit Agricole and football


As the historic partner of French football, Crédit Agricole and the Regional Banks have supported the FFF since 1974. The partnership has been renewed for four years from 2010 to 2014, allowing Crédit Agricole to position itself as the official bank and insurance company for football in France.

With 2.3 million members, football is the most popular sport in France. It conveys the same values as those of Crédit Agricole: universality, solidarity, proximity, utility and diversity.

As the No. 1 banking group in France, Crédit Agricole’s commitment to the No. 1 sport in France is natural and logical.

The renewal of the partnership until 2014 will enable Crédit Agricole to reassert its desire to be the leading partner of amateur football in particular – the foundation of its commitment – by contributing to the development of clubs all over France. The Mozaïc Foot Challenge, the Journée Nationale des Débutants (national day for new players), the Gambardella-Crédit Agricole Cup and the Beach Soccer Tour all attest to the involvement of Crédit Agricole and the Regional Banks in football on a regional level.

Major partner

Partenaire majeur du football

In addition, its new status as the major partner of the Coupe de France, the most popular competition in France, confirms Crédit Agricole’s desire to be present in all areas. As the real stepping stone between amateur football and professional football, the Coupe de France is a legendary competition and a source of memorable sporting achievements, and Crédit Agricole is proud to be associated with it. It gives it an additional opportunity to bring its ambitions to life.

Lastly, its status as the major partner of the French A team, as well as major partner of the French women’s team and the France Espoirs
under-21s team, fit in with Crédit Agricole’s desire to contribute to the development of French football to its highest level.

Crédit Agricole’s solid and loyal commitment to French football therefore reflects is desire to support football in the wider sense – a sport
that speaks to everyone, is universal and creates social ties.

Crédit Agricole, partner of football in all its forms

Partenaire des tous les football

Crédit Agricole’s positioning until 2014 can be summarised in three key words: with Crédit Agricole, football is lived everywhere (in every region, on every ground), for everyone (from the youngest to the oldest) and with solidarity (generous, challenging, favouring social ties).
Our new slogan “Crédit Agricole, Partenaire de tous les Footballs” (“Crédit Agricole, partner of football in all its forms”) conveys the ambition of continuing to help to bring football to life in the day-to-day lives of all French people.