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Other partnerships in sports

Crédit Agricole sponsors events that are consistent with its values. We cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship; we have an active, long-term commitment to supporting sports such as judo, cycling and rugby, in France and internationally.

LCL, the leading partner to the French Judo Federation

Since 1985, LCL has supported the French men's and women's teams in the following international judo competitions:

  • European championships;
  • World championships;
  • The Olympics.

LCL supports judo at the regional and local levels through its policy of monitoring national contracts and local staff’s involvement in various events.
(+) more about LCL and judo (in French)

LCL sponsors the Yellow Jersey:

As official sponsor of the Tour de France since 1981 and of the yellow jersey since 1987, LCL follows the contestants at all stages of the race, from the town where it all begins, in the trailer, throughout the event, up to the finish line. LCL publishes hundreds of photographs to share the highlights of the race with the broadest possible audience.

(+) more about LCL and cycling (in French)

Sponsoring rugby in Italy

In Italy, Cariparma is the largest sponsor of the Italian Rugby Federation.

(+) more about Cariparma and the Italian Rugby Federation (in Italian)