The "MéCAnos" invent the bank 'medical history'

The "MéCAnos" team won the 4th Crédit Agricole Louise Tallerie Grand Prix for Female Students. These four young women impressed the jury with their idea for restructuring relations with the customer, placing the advisor in the role of "bank GP". Helped by a 'bank passport', similar to the medical history for GPs, the advisor proposes customised services based upon professional and personal data shared directly with the customer.


FReD keeps its momentum

For the 4th year running, Crédit Agricole S.A. has published the results for its "FReD index", with a rating of 2.3 for 2015 out of a "highest possible annual progress" of 2.5. This index measures the Crédit Agricole S.A. group's progress in regard of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

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CA Store: 3 years of co-creation at the service of the Crédit Agricole Group

CA Store, the open-innovation laboratory of the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. Winner of 6 prizes - including Finnovate, which rewards global banking innovation - CA Store creates digital apps with and for customers, now numbering 80,000. Its flexibility has also enabled the first banking app to be launched on Apple Watch with Infocompte, biometric security by Touch Id, and secure digital identity with CA Connect.

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United Kingdom – The UK/EU deal vs Brexit alternatives

The deal reached between the UK and the European Union on 19 February is the maximum that David Cameron might have hoped for, in our view. Not only does it legally recognise the special status of the UK within the EU and grant new opt-outs for the UK (crucially from "further political integration into the European Union"), it brushes the limits of the fundamental principles of the EU (such as the non-discrimination between EU citizens).

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This is the monthly food budget of French people, according to the latest issue of the Sofinscope barometer published by Sofinco, the brand name of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. Price remains the main choice criterion in French people's food shopping, and they have developed several increasingly responsible consumer habits to control their budget. Quality is the second criterion for over 50% of French people. They reckon that they will get better quality by buying straight from producers and that superstores will remain essential to their shopping trips.

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QE: can the ECB kick-start credit?

In launching its quantitative easing (QE) programme last week, the European Central Bank (ECB) dispelled the threat of severe, self-sustaining deflation in the euro zone. However, the move will extend the low interest rate environment for a protracted period, impacting bank earnings.

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Final curtain for Greece

At the start of the last week, the Greek prime minister wanted to come to a “political solution” with his European partners to avoid bankruptcy and a euro exit. After all-night talks, only a few hours remain to hammer out a deal.

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