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A day dedicated to sports

For Crédit Agricole Srbija September 14th was the day dedicated to sports, games and fun organized for all employees. This traditional teambuilding took place in a spacious Aqua Park during one warm and sunny Saturday afternoon (S Klub Jakovo).
The event started with introductory speech of CEO, Mr. Carlos de Cordoue, who mentioned great sports successes of both Serbia and France during this summer and invited employees to take part in the sports and games and have good time.
Crédit Agricole Srbija employees had the opportunity to compete in five sports: mini football, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis and table tennis. This year, besides beach volleyball, water polo gained the most interest and fun during competitions. Nevertheless, other sports were also attractive and everyone enjoyed the team spirit atmosphere.
The employees who were not competing played a big teambuilding game called Kermez and had the opportunity to win some prizes. Others gave support to colleagues, enjoyed the activities on the pools, and could participate in games, chess and darts. 
Once the competition was finished, it was organized a ceremonial medal awarding for the teams with best result.  The evening was dedicated to party with live music.
As previous years this Sports Day too, was an excellent opportunity to raise the team spirit among CAS employees.

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