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  • 2005/05/19
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Crédit Agricole S.A.'s general shareholders' meeting was held on Wednesday 18 May 2005 in Lyon. It was chaired by René Carron, the bank's Chairman, and Jean Laurent, its Chief Executive Officer.

More than one thousand shareholders attended this meeting. With a quorum of 69%, the general meeting was able to vote on all the resolutions proposed, including the extraordinary resolutions. All these resolutions were passed, with between 94% and 99% of voting rights.

The net dividend for 2004 was set at €0.66. An interim dividend of €0.30 was paid on 16 December 2004 and the balance of €0.36 will be payable from 27 May 2005.

During this meeting, the shareholders voted in favour of appointing the following directors:

  • Alain David, Chairman of the Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole* Ille-et-Vilaine. He takes over from Jean Le Brun who has reached the statutory age limit
  • Philippe Camus, Vice-Chairman of Arco. He takes over from Gérard Mestrallet, who did not wish to renew his term of office.

The general shareholders' meeting also reappointed Messrs René Carron, Alain Dieval, Daniel Lebegue, Michel Michaut, Jean-Claude Pichon, Xavier Fontanet and Corrado Passera as directors for a further three-year term.

*Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole: Crédit Agricole, Regional Bank

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