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  • 2005/04/20
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Sodica has been approved as a listing sponsor for Euronext's newly-launched Alternext market.

On 14 April 2004, Euronext announced the launch of Alternext, a tailor-made market for small and midcap companies. This move is part of the ongoing overhaul of Euronext's listing structure, aimed at improving the visibility and liquidity of small and midsize stocks traded on its markets.

Alternext is an innovative solution well-suited to midsize companies seeking to finance growth and gain access to capital markets. It is an exchange-regulated market that offers simplified access to financial markets and streamlined listing requirements for small and midsize companies from every sector of the economy, while ensuring compliance with rules on investor disclosure and the control of financial information.

The market will gradually cover the entire euro zone, keeping pace with the harmonisation of EU regulations. Alternext will officially open for business on 17 May 2005.

With its sound experience in advisory services to midcap companies, Sodica is one of the seven listing sponsors for Alternext initially recognised and approved by Euronext.

About Sodica

Sodica is the Crédit Agricole Group company specialising in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and listing services for midcap companies. Sodica's main objective is to support the banking networks and subsidiaries of the Crédit Agricole Group.
Sodica employs 27 specialists who focus on providing tailored services to assist midcap companies with their mergers, acquisitions and divestments, both in France and internationally.

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