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  • 2007/01/11
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More than 3,000 European companies reflect the leading trends in 2007.

• Nearly half of all SMEs in Europe forecast revenue growth for 2007.

• Without being over the top, the outlook on recruitment in Europe looks good, which should have a favourable impact on the job market. This trend is more pronounced in Belgium.

• Investment is expected to continue to grow, but more for raising productivity than expanding production capacity.

• Raw materials and energy prices are key concerns for European SMEs, although fears of an oil crunch are no longer on the agenda.

• Three quarters of all European companies reported outstanding accounts in 2006, with French companies being the least affected.

• Payment time stabilised in 2006; Germany and the UK, countries that already scored highest in prior years, increased their lead in this area.

• Financing needs are expected to increase slightly. Access to credit is judged easy everywhere, except in Spain.

• German and French SMEs lag behind in the field of environmental protection.

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