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  • 2011/11/10
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Third quarter and first nine months of 2011: Good results and strong capacity at Group level to weather the sovereign debt crisis

Good performance from the Group's business lines

Solid momentum in retail banking

Strong contribution to financing of the economy

Reduced exposure to sovereign debt
Net exposure of the banking activity down by 21% between 30 June and
30 September 2011 and down 27% between 30 June and 31 October 2011

Crédit Agricole Group*

9M-11: Net income Group share: €3,338 million, up 1.2% 9M/9M
Q3-11: Net income Group share: €930 million, down 36% Q3/Q3

Crédit Agricole S.A.

Net income Group share: €1,597 million, up 0.4% 9M/9M
Tier 1 ratio: 11.0% of which Core Tier 1: 8.8%
Revenues: up 6.2%
Gross operating income: up 15.8%
Cost of risk: down 2.7% excluding impairment of Greek government bonds
Impairment of Greek government bonds (60% discount):
-€637 million (Net income Group share impact)

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