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  • 2012/11/09
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Third quarter and first nine months of 2012

Significant progress made by the Group

  • Emporiki disposal signed
  • Adjustment plan targets exceeded
  • Major progress refocusing of business activities

Reported results reflect accounting impact of exceptional transactions (Emporiki, CA Cheuvreux, Bankinter) related to refocusing
Normalised results in line with trends observed since the beginning of the year, thanks to the strength of the business lines linked to retail banking

The Regional Banks’ performance and Crédit Agricole S.A.’s business lines’ operational performance have enabled to amortise the « shock » related to Greece

Crédit Agricole Group*

Notable performance from the Regional Banks and improvement in solvency ratios
Net income Group share Q3-2012: -€2,207 million, with Regional Banks contributing to net income Group share of +€853 million
*Crédit Agricole S.A. and 100% of the Regional Banks 

 Crédit Agricole S.A.

 Operating results resilient in a difficult climate
Net income Group share: -€2,852 million in Q3-2012 and -€2,489 million in 9M-2012
Normalised net income Group share: €716 million* in Q3-2012 and €2,466 million* in 9M-2012
Net income Group share impact from Emporiki disposal: -€1,959 million in Q3
Net income Group share impact from Greece (of which Emporiki): -€3,231 million in 9M
Tier 1 ratio: 11.6%; Core Tier 1: 9.3% (+70 bp / Dec. 2011)

* Before: revaluation of debt issues, Emporiki, Cheuvreux, adjustment plan, goodwill impairment, loss on deconsolidation of Bankinter in Q3-12 and before revaluation of debt issues (including the Corporate center part), cost of Greece, adjustment plan, hybrid securities buyback, realised losses on disposals, depreciation of Intesa Sanpaolo and SACAM share on H1-12.

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