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Governance and Say onPay

Governance and Say on Pay



 2016 was marked by the further impact of the reorganisation that took place last year, and the Board of Directors’ determination to strengthen oversight and promote strategic debate.



Governance and Say on Pay



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Crédit Agricole S.A. has established a responsible compensation policy aimed at rewarding individual and Group performance over time, while reflecting the values of the Group and respecting the interests of all stakeholders, be they employees, customers or shareholders. The aim of the policy is to recognise individual and collective performance over the long term.

In line with the specific characteristics of its business lines, legal entities and legislation in local markets, the Group’s compensation system aims to offer competitive compensation relative to its benchmark markets to attract and retain the best talents.Compensation is dependent on individual performance, but also the overall performance of the business lines. Lastly, the compensation policy aims to limit excessive risk-taking.



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