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Frequently asked questions


  • How does the payment of dividends in shares work?

     In France, if your shares are held in an ordinary securities account, your dividends will be subject to social security deductions. If the dividend is paid in shares, there are two possibilities: conversion relates to the entire amount of the dividend and social security deductions will be debited from your cash account. If the social security deduction is made by your bank at source, the conversion will concern the amount of the dividend net of this deduction.

  • Can you hold registered shares in a PEA tax-efficient equity savings plan ?

    Legally it is possible, but in practice it is not advisable for management reasons.

  • What happens if I buy shares on a deferred-settlement basis just before the dividend is paid?

     If you buy shares on a deferred-settlement basis, you will not own the shares until the end of the month in which you buy them. If the dividend is paid in the same month, you will not receive the dividend, but you will receive a compensatory payment in the same amount. This payment must be declared to the tax authorities as a capital gain. The compensatory payment is debited from the seller, who will receive the dividend on the shares sold on a deferred-settlement basis. The seller must naturally declare the dividend to the tax authorities, and will declare the compensatory payment as a capital loss.

  • What is a “corporate responsibility rating”? (March 2006)

    It is an analysis developed by independent agencies like Vigeo, based on the view that the social and environmental aspects of a company’s activities will influence its long-term financial performance.

  • What is SRI?

    Socially responsible investment means investment in companies fostering the development of people within their business, in their local environment and on our planet. At Crédit Agricole, this activity is conducted by a subsidiary of Amundi, Amundi Expertise ISR, one of the largest asset management company investing solely in SRI companies.

  • As individual shareholder, am I subjected to the tax on the financial transactions on the shares Crédit Agricole S.A.?

    The tax on the financial transactions applies to acquisitions for a fee of Crédit Agricole S.A. shares realized since August 1st, 2012. It amounts to 0,2 % of the purchase price and will be taken by your financial intermediaries for your account

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