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  • 2010/04/26
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Paris, 26th April 2010 - Since 2009, Amundi ETF has been strategically increasing its product range through new listings and now has an offering of 79 ETFs. Today, Amundi ETF is marking a new stage in its international development with a two step listing of 14 ETFs on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

These listings, comprising equity, fixed income and commodity ETFs, include seven products which are unprecedented in Switzerland. Swiss investors can now benefit locally from Amundi ETF's competitive prices, quality and innovation. The range of Amundi ETF products available in Switzerland will expand over the next few weeks with several further listings on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Valérie Baudson, Director of Amundi ETF, states “with a particularly demanding Swiss market and strong growth in the ETF market segment, the Amundi ETF products listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange will bring us closer to Swiss investors and will truly leverage our development in Europe.”

“We are delighted to welcome Amundi as the 12th product provider in the ETF segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange”, commented Alain Picard, Head of Market, ETFplus at the SIX Swiss Exchange. “The successful ETF segment has impressed by generating steady revenue growth in recent years and already encompasses more than 330 listed products.”

The Amundi ETF range is distributed by dedicated sales teams at Amundi and CA Cheuvreux.

Thierry Ancona, Head of Sales, Continental Europe Clientele, CA Cheuvreux, adds, “The Swiss market is one of the largest by volume of ETF transactions. The listing of Amundi ETF products on this market constitutes an important step for the CA Cheuvreux sales teams.”

Christian Mathern, Managing Director of Amundi Switzerland underlines, “The listing of our ETFs on the SIX Swiss Exchange constitutes the first step in the development of our ETF distribution activities in Switzerland. Our range addresses both private and institutional investors. The competitiveness of our offer in terms of costs, innovation and a transparency is attracting increasing interest and allows us better respond to the demands of Swiss investors.”

The listing of the 14 ETFs listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange today are carried out in two steps:

As a first step, 10 ETFs were listed on 13th April 2010:

  • five equity ETFs, four regional and one emerging country ETF, one of which is unprecedented in Europe and is particularly well adapted to Swiss investors seeking, through a single transaction, to gain exposure to the MSCI Europe EX Swizerland.

  • two fixed income ETFs, one seeking to replicate the performance of an index of Euro zone government bonds (all maturities included) and another offering exposure to around 40 corporate bonds selected according to their liquidity and a credit rating higher or equal to BBB- (S&P)

  • three ETFs, two of which are leveraged and one short, two of which are unprecedented on the SIX Swiss Exchange. These products are aimed at investors seeking to either double their positions or take on specific market protection. The two leveraged ETFs seek to double the daily performance of their respective indices, while the short ETF offers a daily inverse exposure, whether the trend is rising or falling, to the performance of the DOW JONES EURO STOXX 50®. As a second step, a further four ETFs will be listed on 27th April 2010:

  • four unprecedented commodity ETFs aimed at investors seeking exposure to the main commodity segments (agriculture, precious or industrial metals, energy, etc.) in a simple form and within a regulated UCITS III framework. Commodity ETFs seek to replicate a basket of commodities as closely as possible, without the inconvenience of physical purchases or forwards contracts. Considered as an alternative investment and historically uncorrelated to traditional asset classes, commodities constitute an excellent portfolio diversification tool. With underlying prices sustained by strong and consistent demand from emerging countries, they benefit from long-term growth prospects.

These products are managed through synthetic replication and benefit from the high quality ratings of the Crédit Agricole (Equity & Commodity ETFs) and Société Générale (Fixed Income ETFs) Groups.

Further information about Amundi ETF can be found on the amundietf.com website.

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