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  • 2010/04/15
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Paris, April 15, 2010 - Amundi ETF today lists a new CAC 40 ETF (D) that pays dividends on NYSE Euronext Paris. This brings the total number of products in the Amundi ETF range to 79. In line with Amundi ETF's strategy, this new listing responds to the expectations of its clients by offering a choice on dividend treatment.

Valérie Baudson, Director of Amundi ETF states: “So far investors had access to the C share of the fund where dividends are capitalised by their liquidation value. The creation of the D share will enable investors to benefit from the revenue distribution paid by the 40 largest stocks on the French market."

Investors can have exposure to the CAC 40 through:

  • 1 ETF (C) that offers an optimal exposure to the market by reinvesting net dividends daily.

  • 1 ETF (D) that allows the withdrawal of received revenues one or several times a year as ex-dividends.

  • 1 short ETF that offers a daily inverse exposure to the performance of the CAC 40 Index. Thus, if the value of this index falls, the liquidation value of the ETF rises and vice-versa.

  • 1 leveraged ETF that doubles the daily movement of the CAC 40 whether the trend is rising or falling, minus lending fees.

With the rest of the Amundi ETF range, these products are distributed by dedicated sales teams at Amundi and CA Cheuvreux.

Further information about Amundi ETF can be found on the amundietf.com website.