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  • 2011/06/09
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Amundi ETF reinforces its presence on the London Stock Exchange

Following on from the launch on 9th May, Amundi Group is bringing a further series of 17 equity exchange traded funds ("ETFs") to the UK market. The number of Amundi ETF products traded on the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) now totals 33.
The Amundi ETF range continues to offer investors high quality, cost-efficient products. The series being introduced comprises:
• 2 ETFs on UK flagship indices: FTSE 100® and FTSE 250®
With Total Expense Ratios (“TERs”)1 of only 0.25%, these two ETFs are among the most competitive in their category on the LSE. The average TER of AMUNDI ETF FTSE 100’s competitor products is 0.38%; whilst AMUNDI ETF FTSE 250 is offered with the lowest TER in its peer group (the average TER of which is 0.39%) .
• 1 Regional ETF: MSCI Europe ex UK index
AMUNDI ETF MSCI EUROPE EX UK provides exposure to around 15 European countries excluding the UK, at a competitive TER of only 0.30%1.
• 2 Style ETFs: FTSE UK Dividend+® and EURO STOXX® Small indices
Pursuing the UK theme, AMUNDI ETF FTSE UK DIVIDEND PLUS enables investors to track, as closely as possible, the performance of the highest yielding UK stocks whether the trend is rising or falling. AMUNDI ETF EURO STOXX SMALL CAP provides exposure to around 100 small caps listed on euro zone equity markets whether the trend is rising or falling. Both ETFs are offered with a competitive TER of only 0.30% compared to an average TER of 0.40% for competitor products1.
• 11 European sector ETFs: MSCI Global Sector Indices
For the first time on the LSE, investors can access exposure to the complete series of European sectors based on the MSCI Global Sector Indices. These ETFs provide investors with a comprehensive choice of 11 sectors across European developed markets, with some unprecedented2 exposures on the LSE, such as Europe Materials or Europe Energy.
The European sector products are all offered with a TER of 0.25%, which compares well against the average TER of 0.30% for competitor products1.
• An unprecedented ETF on Green Technologies2
AMUNDI ETF GREEN TECH LIVING PLANET aims to replicate, as closely as possible, the performance of the Living Planet Green Tech Europe strategy index whether this index rises or falls. The index was created in partnership between the Living Planet Fund Management Co. S.A. (subsidiary of WWF International) and the SRI (socially responsible investment) research teams of CA Cheuvreux. This innovative ETF2 offers exposure to European companies generating at least 20% of their consolidated turnover through “green technology” activities (energy efficiency, water management, renewable energy, waste management, etc).

1 Source Amundi Investment Solutions as of 13/05/2011; based on a comparison of the asset-weighted average TER of the relevant AMUNDI ETF funds (the “Funds”) versus the asset-weighted average TER of equivalent ETFs available on the London Stock Exchange and using the same or a similar benchmark (if any). A TER is a measure that compares the annual total management and operating costs charged to a fund against the value of that fund's assets. All TERs mentioned above are expressed as a maximum percentage per annum, including VAT. Analysis excludes commissions and other third party costs incurred directly by investors trading in ETFs. Investors should note that (i) one or more individual Funds (e.g. AMUNDI ETF MSCI GERMANY) may not be cheaper than the asset-weighted average total expense ratio of the other European ETFs using the same or a similar benchmark; and (ii) some Funds may not have a peer group to compare against.
2 As at 07/06/2011.