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  • 2010/10/19
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Amundi ETF significantly reinforces its offer in Switzerland with the listing of 23 additional ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange

Amundi ETF is pursuing its ambitious development by listing 23 additional ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange bringing the total number of its products available in Switzerland to 43.
This listing, composed of equity and fixed income ETFs, remains consistent with Amundi ETF’s competitive pricing policy and enables Swiss investors to benefit from numerous innovations*.

  • 12 equity ETFs providing exposure to the main developed countries. The series consists of:

Several complementary products for investors looking for an exposure to the US, including 3 ETFs that replicate the NASDAQ-100®, the MSCI USA® and the S&P 500® indices. This last one is offered with an attractive TER (Total Expense Ratio) of only 0.15%. Investors may also choose a leveraged ETF that replicates twice the daily performance of the MSCI USA® index***.

Among the unprecedented ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange*: an ETF tracks the MSCI WORLD EX EUROPE® index, offering exposure to the world excluding Europe in a single transaction. An additional ETF seeks to replicate the MSCI NORDIC® index, allowing investors to benefit from the performance of the 80 most important stocks on the Nordic market (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden).

  • 3 equity ETFs investing in the largest emerging markets: an ETF offering cost-efficient exposure to China by replicating the MSCI CHINA® index, which is composed of the 50 most important Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong; an ETF tracking the MSCI INDIA® index, providing exposure to 60 stocks on the Indian market; and an ETF tracking the MSCI EASTERN EUROPE EX RUSSIA® index, enabling investors to benefit from an exposure to the 30 largest stocks in Central Europe outside of Russia.


  • 2 unprecedented* sector ETFs tracking the MSCI WORLD ENERGY® and the MSCI WORLD FINANCIALS® indices, allowing investments in two flagship global sectors.


  • 6 ETFs tracking a family of long and short US Treasury bond indices. These ETFs seek to replicate the Markit iBoxx $ Treasuries® indices on maturities ranging from 1 to 10 years. This range includes 3 long ETFs completed by 3 innovative* short ETFs with a daily inverse exposure to these indices.


* Unprecedented on SIX Swiss Exchange as of 19/10/2010
** Compared to the competitors listed on SIX Swiss Exchange as of 19/10/2010
*** Minus borrowing costs

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