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  • 2009/07/20
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July, 20th 2009

Gilles de Dumast, Deputy General Manager, Global Head of Coverage and Investment Banking and member of the Executive Committee announces the appointments of Jean-François Balaÿ as Head of Global Loan Syndication Group , Jean-Louis Bertrand as Head of Large French Clients, Michel Lefrançois as Head of French Regions Department .

Jean-François Balaÿ is appointed Head of Global Loan Syndication Group.

Jean-François started his career in 1989 at Crédit Lyonnais and has successfully occupied managing positions in Commercial and Corporate Finance activities in London, Paris and Asia. In 2001, he joined the Loan Syndication team of Crédit Lyonnais as Head of Origination for Western Europe and has been occupying this position throughout the merger within Calyon. Since 2006, he was Deputy Head for EMEA.
Aged 43, Jean-François Balaÿ has a Master degree in Economics from the Lumière Lyon II University and a post graduate diploma in Finance from the Lumière Lyon II University.

Jean-Louis Bertrand is appointed Head of Large French Clients.

Jean-Louis Bertrand started his career in the French subsidiary of ABN as international banker then as corporate banker. In 1983, he was appointed Head of ABN offshore banking unit in Singapore for a three year posting. In 1987, he joined CGM (later CPR) where he was in charge of various fixed income and capital market business lines, and espacially structured financial products. In 1998, he was appointed Deputy General Manager of CPR. Jean Louis Bertrand joined Crédit Agricole Indosuez as Senior Banker in 2000.
Aged 57, Jean-Louis Bertrand is an Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris and is graduated with a HEC-CPA MBA.

Michel Lefrançois is appointed Head of French Regions Department.

Michel Lefrançois started his career with Bull in 1981 as technical and sales IT specialist before joining in 1984 the CRCAM Beauce and Perche. In 1994, he was appointed Head of marketing and insurance. In 1999, he joined Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole as Director of Development. In 2001, he was appointed Regional Director of Crédit Agricole de Paris Ile de France Regional Bank and since 2005 he was Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Crédit Agricole Alsace Vosges Regional Bank.
Aged 53, Michel Lefrançois is a graduate from institut français de gestion in Tours. He holds an undergraduate degree in history and geography and University IT certificates.

The Coverage and Investment Banking Executice Committee is now composed of the following 7 members : Alix Caudrillier (Chief Operating Officer, previously Head of the Equity Capital Markets team), Eric Chèvre (International Client Coverage), François Kayat (Global Investment Banking), Jean-François Balaÿ (Global Loan Syndication Group), Jean-Louis Bertrand (Large French Clients), Michel Lefrançois (French Regions Department) and Pierre Moraillon (Coverage Group Project).

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