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  • 2008/05/22
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Paris, 21 May 2008

To enhance its reputation in the insurance sector and confirm its role as a standard-setter in death & disability cover, Crédit Agricole, France's largest bancassurer and second-largest insurance company, will roll out a nationwide advertising campaign from 21 May to 10 June 2008.

In line with its new market positioning, embodied in the slogan, “Soyez sûr de votre assurance avec le Crédit Agricole !” (Be sure of your insurance with Crédit Agricole), the campaign portrays Crédit Agricole as a family-oriented insurance company with a comprehensive range of high quality products and services for all life events. The campaign aims to capture the public's attention by taking concrete, meaningful moments of daily life in order to stress the importance of preparing for contingencies.

The campaign, with its cross-cutting message about conducting an insurance-needs review with the customer's account officer, is built around a targeted offer for each stage of the customer's lifetime:

  • For young working people and families: products organised around death insurance, life's-accidents insurance, and supplementary health insurance to prepare for everyday misfortunes
  • For young seniors: products organised around supplementary health insurance (including coverage for alternative medicine) and dependency insurance to make retirement more enjoyable
  • For older seniors, a funeral expense guarantee to provide for the inevitable

The 2008 campaign uses two complementary media:

  • Radio, with the James Brown hit “I Feel Good,” delivers an educational message through 50-second informational spots that run outside the advertising slot every day at the same time. The spots are reinforced by thematic advertising messages promoting the insurance-needs review.

  • The web, with a banner campaign on a variety of sites that customers are likely to visit and a dedicated website, soyezsurdevotreassurance.com, that offers a closer look at death & disability risks and solutions. Along with its interactive features, the site also provides educational content to help people get to grips with personal insurance issues.

The Assurance Décès Initial Valeur Prévoyance and Valeur Prévoyance death & disability policies are insured by Predica, Crédit Agricole S.A.'s personal insurance subsidiary.
Life's accident insurance policies are insured by Pacifica, Crédit Agricole S.A.'s property-casualty insurance subsidiary.
Alternative medicine insurance is included in the Confort + package of the supplemental health insurance contract provided by Pacifica.
Dependency insurance policies are insured by Predica. Funeral expense policies are insured by Predica.

Pacifica is a limited company under French law, with fully paid-up share capital of 151,093,500 euros. It is regulated by the French Insurance Code. Registered office: 8-10, Boulevard de Vaugirard 75724 Paris Cedex 15 - Paris Register of Companies number 352 358 865. Insured events and terms & conditions are detailed in the policy.
Predica, a company regulated by the Insurance Code, is a limited company under French law, with fully paid-up share capital of 894,597,270 euros. It is regulated by the French Insurance Code. Registered office: 50, 56 Rue de la Procession - 75015 Paris - Paris Register of Companies number 334 028 123. Full details are shown in the policy notices.

For more information, visit www.credit-agricole.fr

This press release is intended for information purposes.

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