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  • 2007/08/30
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Athens & Paris, 30 August 2007

With a sense of social responsibility and solidarity for the suffering population of the regions hardly hit by the recent destructive wildfires, Emporiki Bank and Crédit Agricole S.A. have decided to pursue a number of actions, aiming at providing immediate support to those affected, as well as contributing to the economic reconstruction of the ravaged areas and the rehabilitation of the environment.

In particular, the following joint actions have been decided:

a) offer of financial aid amounting to € 6 million, equally contributed by Emporiki Bank and Crédit Agricole S.A.

b) raising of additional aid by the 40 Regional Banks of the Crédit Agricole Group in France, and

c) collection of contributions of Emporiki Group employees, following the initiative of the Employees' Union of Emporiki Bank.

The financial aid is to be distributed as follows:

a) € 2 million for the immediate relief of affected citizens, deposited to the dedicated “Special Support Account of the Greek State”, opened in the Bank of Greece by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

b) the whole of the remaining amount, to finance a comprehensive action plan, which will complement the initiatives of the Greek State; the actions to be pursued will be selected on the basis of securing comprehensive support to the families affected, helping to reconstruct the local economies of areas hit by the wildfires, rehabilitating the environment and building infrastructure for the prevention and fighting of fires.

Finally, it is reminded that Emporiki Bank:
. Participates, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to the damages compensation program, operating its branches in affected regions on an extended working hours schedule, so as to facilitate servicing of eligible citizens.
. Has fully endorsed and already implemented all financial relief measures for affected parties announced on August 28th by the Hellenic Banks' Association.
. Collects, since Monday, August 27th, contributions of both individuals and legal entities transferring them on a daily basis to the dedicated “Special Support Account” of the Greek State.

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