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  • 2008/07/18
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h2i technologies has announced the finalisation of a fresh €2.5 million round of financing, with €2 million being invested by Crédit Agricole Private Equity, the balance coming from its original shareholders (Emertec and Soridec).

h2i technologies was created at the École des Mines d'Alès incubator in January 2002 by Gilles Cavallucci. The company offers a range of virtual human-machine interfaces (HMI), based on patented optoelectronic technologies. The innovative approach of h2i technologies' combines optics and algorithmic to emulate any type of interface on any type of surface. h2i's new HMI reinvent the design and the ergonomics of the items that surround us.

h2i technologies is present in high-potential markets (medical, automotive and household appliances). Several industrials and equipment manufacturers among European and world leaders have opted for h2i's solutions, offering their customers a unique and valuable differentiation in terms of product design, ergonomics and robustness.

Commenting on this transaction, Renaud Poulard, Partner of Crédit Agricole Private Equity's venture capital team, said: “We were won over by the innovative approach of h2i's interactive interfaces, which are in line with the current trend towards “high-tech, low-cost” solutions.

Based in Nîmes, the company currently employs 14 staff. The funds raised will be dedicated to accelerating the company's market penetration and to consolidating research to ensure the ramp-up of the company's production.

Gilles Cavallucci, Chairman of h2i technologies' Management Board, added: “More than an investor, we are welcoming a genuine partner with a shared vision of the 2008-2011 business plan and a common short-term objective for h2i, i.e. achieving European leadership.”

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