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  • 2011/06/09
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Kwixo The first secure banking solution combining online payments and money transfers

FIA-NET Europe, a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group, has launched Kwixo, a new secure payment method combining money transfers between individuals and payments on e-commerce websites. Kwixo represents an innovation by the Crédit Agricole Group - market leader in payment methods in France and No. 4 in Europe - and an extension of its offering. This secure and easy-to-use solution allows users to pay for their purchases online or send money to family and friends in just one click.
Kwixo: a solution for individuals and small businesses, regardless of who they bank with
Kwixo combines money transfers between individuals and payments on e-commerce websites. It is a simple service that provides users with a login (e-mail address or mobile phone number) and password to manage all of their transactions online, from either a mobile phone or a PC, in complete security.
Easy and secure money transfers between individuals
Individuals can send money to their family and friends in just one click, or using their telephone. Kwixo can be accessed by individuals in a variety of ways (internet, mobile internet, dedicated smartphone applications and SMS), registering when making an initial purchase on a partner website, making an initial money transfer or on the www.kwixo.com website. With their login, users can access Kwixo immediately without having to provide their bank details.
Pay online directly in just one click thanks to the Kwixo electronic purse
Kwixo is also a payment method that allows users to make purchases on all of its partner e-commerce websites. Shoppers can pay in one go when ordering or on credit. A number of partner websites also offer the option of payment after the goods are received. Kwixo therefore offers e-retailers a comprehensive payment solution offering additional services depending on their needs. It is quick and easy for e-retailers to implement and they do not have to be a client of the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks or LCL.
Crédit Agricole and LCL at the heart of the e-commerce and m-commerce markets
The creation of Kwixo is an illustration of the major changes taking place in the world of payment methods, with two new uses emerging: peer-to-peer transfers and mobile payment solutions. The launch of Kwixo is a concrete manifestation of the Crédit Agricole Group's desire to establish its position in these new markets by offering a flexible service benefiting from the security of a major banking network. Kwixo will enable the Group to consolidate its position in payment methods by opening itself up to the market for money transfers between individuals.

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