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  • 2007/11/07
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Paris, 7 November 2007

LCL is launching Indépendance, its first Internet-reloadable prepaid card aimed at 12-17-year-olds. The bank is responding to strong demand from teens and their parents by offering a reloadable prepaid card that allows holders to obtain, spend and manage their allowance safely and securely.
The Indépendance card enables young people to handle their own money, while setting their parents' minds at rest. It is the parents who set the monthly spending limit when Indépendance is issued, and in any case the limit cannot exceed the balance on the card. Indépendance can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM and make purchases from shops displaying the "CB" or "VISA" logo, both in France and abroad.
In an innovative move, LCL will send cardholders an SMS alert when their balance falls to 10 euros. If it fails to do so, LCL will credit the card with 20 euros.
Sporting a motif available in four colours, Indépendance is available from any one of LCL's 2,000 branches to customers and non-customers alike.
The card can be reloaded with up to 300 euros, either through LCL's website or in one of its branches. An automatic monthly reload can also be programmed.
Cardholders are entitled to special discounts from LCL's extensive network of partner brands via an exclusive website at https://carte-independance.lcl.fr

  • UGC + CGR (cinema)
  • Score Game (videogames)
  • Lazer Game (action games)
  • Kart'in (go-karting)
  • Tootabo (magazine subscriptions)
  • Soho (gifts)
  • Pimkie (fashion)

    LCL is offering a 50 per cent discount (7.50 euros instead of 15 euros) on the first annual subscription to any Indépendance card issued before 31 December 2007.

    About LCL Since joining the Crédit Agricole S.A. group in 2003, LCL has focused the business of its nationwide retail banking network on individual, professional and SME customers in France. LCL now has 6,000,000 customers, 2,000 branches and 24,000 employees.

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