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  • 2010/06/15
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Oxatis, European leader in e-commerce solutions, raises €4 million from Crédit Agricole Private Equity and A Plus Finance

Oxatis, European leader in e-commerce solutions, raises €4 million from Crédit Agricole Private Equity and A Plus Finance

Barely two years after its first funding round in May 2008, Oxatis, European leader in e-commerce solutions, has raised a further €4 million. Crédit Agricole Private Equity will provide €2.5 million and A Plus Finance, the company's historical investor, €1.5 million.
The new capital will give Oxatis the resources to progress its platform concept and extend its offering to other complementary businesses within its ecosystem.

Founded in 2001 and based in Marseille, Oxatis has developed a SaaS e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It provides a comprehensive offering covering all the services required to set up and operate a merchant web site, including online software, shopping basket, hosting, secure payment, order management, inventory management, domain names and links with the main market players.

Its share of the e-commerce market is increasing continuously. One third of all merchant sites created in France each month use its platform. In 2010, the aggregate combined revenue of Oxatis' customers is about €200 million. By the end of 2010, almost two French people in ten will have made purchases from an online store created on the Oxatis platform.

Oxatis operates in the French-speaking countries of Europe, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Marc Schillaci, Chairman of the Executive Board of Oxatis, commented: "Two years ago, after the first funding round, staff numbers tripled in the space of a year. Today, Oxatis intends to bolster its teams massively, from 40 to more than 100 people within a fairly short space of time."

Renaud Poulard, Partner of Crédit Agricole Private Equity's venture capital team, commented: "Thanks to Oxatis, e-commerce is becoming much more widespread in France enabling more and more French people to set up their own business. We were very impressed with the Oxatis solution, which is both simple to use and offers a very broad choice of e-commerce functionalities. We were convinced by the robustness of its business model and took a quick decision to support their expansion and back this success story. We are fully confident that the Oxatis management team will succeed in strengthening its positions and expanding into other markets, particularly in southern Europe."

Niels Court-Payen, Chairman of A Plus Finance, added: "Since our first investment two years ago, Oxatis has succeeded in increasing its revenue every month, an altogether exceptional performance in the current economic environment. This strong growth and the company's promising prospects naturally encouraged us to strengthen our commitment."

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