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  • 2012/12/13
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Pacifica launches a new adaptable and customisable comprehensive home insurance offer

Pacifica launches a new adaptable and customisable  comprehensive home insurance offer
Pacifica (Crédit Agricole Assurances group) has launched a comprehensive home insurance policy that is adaptable to the profile of each segment of the Crédit Agricole regional banks’ and LCL’s customers (retail, farmers, self-employed professionals, tradesmen and shopkeepers).
Finer segmentation to better cover each customer’s needs
The new home insurance product can be adjusted to each customer’s status: student, tenant, home owner or non-occupant property owner. It offers formulas and options adapted to each profile as well as personalised cover in the form of “adverse event” insurance, such as cover of re-housing expenses for policyholders in rented homes or of monthly mortgage repayments for homeowners.
Customers can add options according to their needs in terms of cover for leisure activities, multimedia equipment, etc.
Flexible indemnification conditions
The new product enables customers to the level of cover they want: indemnification after deduction of depreciation in the case of the Formule Initiale option; full replacement cost in the case of the Formule Intégrale option.
A policy with a focus on risk prevention and social and environmental responsibility
As part of its risk prevention policy, Pacifica seeks to heighten policyholders’ awareness of domestic risk. When they subscribe to home insurance, customers are provided with an information leaflet on the most common household risks (fire, electric risks…).
Moreover, Pacifica’s home insurance policy reflects Crédit Agricole Assurance’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The Equipement+ option favours new for old replacement of household appliances with appliances that consume less energy; also the partners undertake to recycle the used equipment in accordance with the applicable standards. Similarly, under the Immo+ formula, the cover for compliance expenses has been raised from 5% to 10% to help policyholders deal with the new energy efficiency and noise control regulations introduced recently.

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