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  • 2010/10/19
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Success of “Mon Budget” app prompts Crédit Agricole to develop a new version for Windows® Phone and iPad

Crédit Agricole’s “Mon Budget” application is proving to be a real success. Since its June 2010 launch more than 200,000 iPhone users have downloaded the app and an average of 30,000 customers use it daily. Building on this success, Crédit Agricole is launching a new version of “Mon Budget”. Starting in November the app will be compatible with Windows® Phone (3) and will be optimised for iPad (2). It will also boast a broader and richer set of functions.

New Windows® Phone (3) version, and available on iPad and iPhone (2)

Crédit Agricole’s “Mon Budget” is the first bank-designed money management application for Windows® Phone, the new Microsoft operating system for mobile phones. Furthermore, Crédit Agricole has launched a new version designed specifically to be user-friendly and easy to navigate on the iPad.

A richer, more extensive version driven by user input

To better meet customer needs and continue improving upon “Mon Budget”, Crédit Agricole began asking internet users to suggest improvements via a dedicated “Mon Budget” space on its Facebook page. Version 2.0 is the fruit of those suggestions and was built with the help of our customers. For example, expenditure categories have been fine-tuned and expanded; customers can configure the order their accounts are listed in; screens have been retina optimised; and the listing of deferred debit card transactions has been improved to make them easier to read.

Mon Budget: an array of money management tools

“Mon Budget” is more than just a way to view accounts. It offers a wealth of interactive money management tools. It pairs online banking functions with budget management software capabilities, but is still easy to navigate and offers the user-friendly services expected of mobile phone apps. Users can manage their money 24/7 from any location because the application works both online and off.
By expanding “Mon Budget” to Windows® Phone and iPad, Crédit Agricole will give more customers access to a powerful money management tool. This is part of a larger effort already begun by Crédit Agricole to breathe new life into mobile technologies. Starting in July 2008 Crédit Agricole was one of the first banks to launch an iPhone version of its banking website (2). Today, users log onto this service more than 370,000 times a month. In addition, in May 2009 the Crédit Agricole Mobile service was updated to enable all types of mobile phones to access online account viewing, transfer funds in real time, find a nearby branch and contact the bank’s emergency help services. The iPhone-based service has had over 450,000 connections per month.

To download “Mon Budget” free of charge on an iPhone or a mobile using Windows® Phone, type “Crédit Agricole” in the search engine of the App Store(1) or the Windows® Phone Marketplace(3). To learn more about the app and get user tips, visit the Crédit Agricole Facebook page (www.facebook.com/creditagricole) or our Youtube or Dailymotion pages (www.youtube.com/creditagricolesa and dailymotion.com/creditagricole) for an online video demonstration.

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