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  • 2012/01/11
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The first Green Stock Index, the Living Planet Green Tech Europe Index1 completes its annual rebalancing: 4 stocks out – 5 new companies in.

This innovative Green Index was launched a year ago by the WWF International subsidiary, the Living Planet Fund Management Company and the European broker Cheuvreux.

The Index, calculated and published by Standard & Poor’s consists of 50 European listed companies that are most engaged in providing eco-friendly solutions addressing the world’s important environmental challenges. It covers various Green sectors, in particular relating to energy efficiency, water management, renewable energy, waste management, biomass, eco products and services, and finally, alternative energy and transportation.
An Index Committee, comprising experts from the WWF, one of the largest non-government organisations for the protection of the environment, and various financial specialists, select the index constituents based on a larger universe of companies that are required to generate at least 20% of their consolidated turnover through green technology. The methodology of the index also carries a filter which excludes certain sectors of activity such as armaments, gambling, fossil fuels, tobacco processing and alcohol production. The Committee has just completed its review of the index constituents, which are set to replace the previous listing this Wednesday 4 January 2012:
Chiew Y. Chong, Managing Director of the Living Planet Fund Management Company comments: “Through this innovative index, the Living Planet Fund continues to pursue its goal of enabling investors the opportunity to align ethical convictions with investment objectives and to invest in promising investment themes whilst remaining in harmony with the principles and commitments of the WWF”.
Stéphane Voisin, Head of Sustainability Research at CA Cheuvreux comments: “While European companies exposed to green technologies are facing a number of challenges in the current economic environment that cannot be ignored, the index attracts the massive potential of green growth with strong fundamentals. We are happy to welcome new names like Umicore, which plays a significant role in the metal recycling chain and the solar and rechargeable batteries”.
In addition, for investors seeking exposure to the European green tech market through the Living Planet Green Tech Europe strategy index, the Amundi ETF range offers the opportunity to subscribe to Amundi ETF Green Tech Living Planet, for which specific information can be found on www.amundietf.com.

Companies OUTApproximative weightCompanies INApproximative weight

Wavin NV  
Roth & Rau AG   
Solar Millennium  

3.0 %
4.5 %
0.9 %
0.1 % 

Derichebourg SA  
Enel Green Power SpA  
Pfeiffer Vacuum Tech  
Spirax-Sarco Engineering   
Umicore SA  

2.0 %
3.1 %
0.8 %
3.1 %
1.1 %