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  • 2008/06/25
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Paris, Wednesday 25 June 2008

Launched in 1968, Kangourou was the first card designed specially for women, giving them independent access to a payment instrument for the first time. Since then, it has continued to revolutionise they way people shop. The Kangourou card is the fruit of a close partnership that has developed over the years between Finaref and La Redoute. Now its new design gives the brand name greater visibility and provides new benefits, such as access to an electronic safe and a purchasing-power guarantee.

Forty years of innovation
Finaref and mail order specialist La Redoute have worked closely together for forty years, putting the Kangourou card at the heart of La Redoute's sales strategy. Today, the brand has nearly 3 million card holders and more than 918 million loans - the biggest portfolio in France.

Since Kangourou was launched, Finaref has always sought to make both the card and its benefits as accessible as possible. Since the mid 1990s, the card can be activated with a single phone call. An online application facility was made available in early 2004. And at the beginning of 2008, Finaref and La Redoute launched Cliquez-Achetez.fr (click'n'buy), a website that allows non-card holders to shop and defer payment, while applying for a card online through a simple questionnaire. Now LaRedoute.fr is the leading general-purpose retail website in France, and nearly 60 per cent of La Redoute's sales web-generated.

According to Nicolas Denis, Finaref's Head of Sales for partner brands, “The past forty years have proved Finaref's ability to innovate in line with La Redoute's strategy of helping customers to shop more easily.”

A new look for the card...
The new Kangourou card is bright green, with grey and white lettering to match La Redoute's corporate identity and a bubble motif to add a bit of fizz! The company name is printed across the entire face of the card, providing greater brand visibility. The same graphic identity is used in all customer communications, with “New look, new benefits” as the baseline.

... and new benefits with the electronic safe and a purchasing power guarantee

  • Card-holders benefit from an insurance policy with new guarantees to cover their communication tools. If their Internet provider's set-top box breaks down, their subscription is refunded. They also get a refund in the event of fraudulent use of their mobile phones. An electronic safe is available free of charge for storing precious documents. Customers just upload their data, which are stored on a secure sever.
  • With the purchasing-power guarantee, La Redoute customers who have used their card in the six months prior to a period of sick leave, hospitalisation or job loss are entitled to a cheque worth 250 euros to be used in the brand's stores.
  • In the So'Redoute stores, the new Kangourou card entitles holders to discounts on a selection of products throughout the year as well as a 30-day return or exchange period.
  • The card is also a passport to discounts in ten or so partner stores and brands, on items ranging from movies, personal hygiene products, books and magazines, flowers, photo printing and beauty and personal care solutions.

    Nicolas Denis comments: “With this major new enhancement of the Kangourou card and all the innovations we have added in the course of this year, we have entered a new and important phase. Finaref can partner La Redoute all the way, both now and in the future. This is just the beginning of the Kangourou card's success story!”

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