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Born in 1961

  • Director
  • Member of the Compensation Committee

Date first appointedNovember 2015 (Director)

Term of office ends2022

Number of Crédit Agricole S.A. shares held at 31/12/20201,411

Brief biography 

A farmer specialising in organic vegetable production, Jean-Paul Kerrien has been Chairman of the local bank Taulé since 1996. He has been Director of the Regional Bank of Finistère since 2006, where he became Deputy Chairman in 2009 then Chairman in 2012. Reflecting his strong investment in the Group’s agriculture, he has developed several cooperative production and distribution structures. He was a member of the Finistère Chamber of Agriculture (Chambre d’agriculture du Finistère) (2006-2012), for which he chaired the Agronomy Commission. Jean-Paul Kerrien also has responsibilities in the area of innovation. Chairman of Investing in Finistère (Investir en Finistère) from 2014 to 2017 and again in 2020, he is committed to developing the economic attractiveness of the Finistère region. He is also involved in setting up an organisation that aims to raise awareness of CSR among companies: Managers responsible for the West of France (Dirigeants Responsables de l’Ouest; DRO).

Last update: March 2021

In Crédit Agricole Group companies

ChairmanRegional Bank of Finistère, Fireca

DirectorCofilmo, BforBank, Crédit Agricole en Bretagne, Crédit Agricole Egypt

In other non-listed companies

PartnerEarl de Kererec, Sarl photovoltaïque de Kererec

ChairmanSCIC Finistère mer vent

In other positions

DirectorInvestir en Finistère, YNCREA Ouest

Board memberDRO Finistère (Dirigeants Responsables de l’Ouest)

In other positions

ChairmanInvesting in Finistère (Investir en Finistère) (2017