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Philippe DE WAAL

Born in 1955

  • Non-voting director

Date first appointedMay 2018

Term of office ends2021

Number of Crédit Agricole S.A. shares held at 31/12/2018100

Brief Biography

Philippe de Waal holds a degree from the Université de technologie of Compiègne and is a farmer specialising in cereals (with the exception of rice). He is Manager of Société civile du château de Poix in Bouillancy (1981-2016) and held several municipal offices such as Municipal councillor (1983-2008) and Mayor of Bouillancy (2008-2014). In 1995 he was appointed Director within the Caisse locale de Nanteuil-le-Haudouin (1995-2000) of which he became Chairman (2000-2017). He sat on the Board of the Caisse régionale de l’Oise (2005-2007), which became the Caisse régionale de Brie Picardie a result of a merger, where he remained Director (2007-2014). He was then appointed Deputy Chairman (2014) and Chairman (since 2015).

Update: March 2019

In Crédit Agricole Group companies

ChairmanCaisse régionale Brie Picardie

DirectorSAS Rue La Boétie


DirectorRepresentative of the Confédération nationale de la mutualité, de la coopération et du Crédit Agricole – CNMCCA, CENECA

In other non-listed companies

ManagerEARL des Buttes

In other offices

DirectorBeauvais Technova

Member Chambre d'agriculture de l'Oise

In Crédit Agricole Group companies

Deputy ChairmanCaisse régionale Brie Picardie (2014)