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Christiane LAMBERT

Born in 1961

  • Director

Date first appointedSeptember 2017

Term of office ends2023

Number of Crédit Agricole S.A. shares held at 31/12/2019295

Brief biography

Born to a family of farmers, Christiane Lambert has been managing her own farm since 1980. She started in Massiac, in her native Cantal region, with a herd of dairy cows and some 40 sows. At the same time, she joined the union of young farmers (Jeunes Agriculteurs - JA), making her way up the various regional ranks: Chairwoman of the Centre c antonal des Jeunes Agriculteurs (CCJA) de Massiac (1981-1984), then Deputy Chairwoman of the CDJA of Cantal (1982-1988), and also the first woman to chair the CRJA Auvergne in 1986. In 1989, she moved to Maine-et-Loire to take over her in-laws’ pig farm with her husband. She continued her trade union activities and became the first chairwoman of the CNJA (1994-1998). She has been a Director of FNSEA since March 2002, and then a Board member since 2005, becoming the First Deputy Chairwoman in 2010. She is also Deputy Chairwoman of several organizations such as the Environment Commission and Institut de Formation des Cadres Paysans (IFOCAP). In addition, she chaired the  Forum des Agriculteurs Responsables Respectueux de l’Environnement (FARRE)  from 2005 to 2017. In April 2017, she became the first woman to chair the FNSEA.

Updated: March 2019

In other offices

ChairwomanNational Federation of Agricultural Holders’ Unions (Fédération nationale des syndicats d’exploitants agricoles, FNSEA)