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Born in 1967

  • Head of Agriculture, Agrifood and Specialized Markets

Brief Biography

Didier Reboul's career began in 1991 as Portfolio Manager for Segespar, at the Crédit Agricole National Bank. He worked there until 1994, when he joined Indosuez Asset Management. In 1996, he joined the Midi Regional Bank as Head of Financial Management. In 2001 he was appointed Head of Banking and Finance at the Guadeloupe Regional Bank. At the Alpes Provence Regional Bank in 2003, he was first Finance Director, becoming Head of the Corporate and Local Authorities Market, International and Private Banking in 2006. He then joined Emporiki Bank as Finance Director before becoming Head of the Corporate, Winegrowing and Private Banking Markets in 2009 of the Regional Bank of Aquitaine. In 2013, he joined Crédit Agricole S.A. as Head of Group ALM coordination, then in 2016, moved to the Sud Rhône Alpes Regional Bank as Deputy CEO in charge of Development.

Didier Reboul is a graduate of the Toulouse Business School, the Georgia State University Atlanta (MBA), the Alliance Barra Research Institute New York, and SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts).

Update: June 2020