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Digital media: the Group aims for excellence

One of the objectives of the Human Project is to bring customers “an exceptional digital experience. This means that our tools and applications need to meet the highest standards, across all our markets.”

The entire network, Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries are working towards that end. And this commitment is already producing results. According to the D-Rating rating agency, the Crédit Agricole Group now ranks as the number-two retail bank in France in terms of digital performance.

The keywords for designing and marketing new digital offers to customers across all markets (consumers, businesses, professionals and farmers) are security, simplicity, efficiency and time-saving.

Read on to find out more about our most recent solutions, those aimed at improving the customer journey and those that enhance their everyday lives.


A digital offering to simplify the customer journey

The Group has introduced an increasing number of solutions in recent months, whether for obtaining an estimate, taking out a new policy, opening an account, making mobile payments, managing savings, obtaining financing or simulating financial situations.

For example, thanks to Crédit Agricole Assurances’ customer space, e-Sésame, customers can now obtain an insurance estimate for a motorbike, scooter or electric vehicle and take out the policy on line. At Spirica and UAF Life Patrimoine, paperless subscriptions, the electronic signature of policies and electronic contracts and mail are also very common now. CA CF promises its customers that they can take out a consumer loan in 15 minutes thanks to its Digi Conso 3.0 portal.

Account opening has also been enhanced by digital innovations, including internationally. Crédit Agricole Bank Polska has launched “CA24 Open an Account”, one of the first solutions of its kind in Poland. The customer’s identity is subjected to biometric checks (by comparing facial features from their identity card photo with a photo of their face) and the authenticity of their identity card verified. The required documents are signed electronically and the entire process takes no more than 15 minutes. The app is available for iOS and Android.

In payments, the implementation of Apple Pay under way, together with the Samsung Pay solution, the activation of Securipass (a strong authentication system for online banking transactions) and the remote cheque collection service for users of the Ma Banque app all constitute new assets for making transactions more simple and secure. A further solution, Globe-Trotter, targets younger people (18-30), enabling them for €2 a month to access an international MasterCard immediate-debit payment card and make withdrawals, transfers (received and issued) and unlimited payments free of charge around the world. Globe-Trotter can be subscribed on line as part of a 100% digitalized journey for 18-30-year-olds. Prospects can notably choose the closest Crédit Agricole branch and benefit from assistance from a human chatbot.

Innovative solutions have also been introduced in savings management, including Amundi’s portal for the independent-professional and agricultural customers of the Regional Banks, who since September 2019 have been able to subscribe on line to the PESR Convergence employee savings and retirement offering, choose from among the various options available and sign their contracts. Customers also have access to the ARC platform for the management of this type of savings vehicle.
With Fast’Amundi, SME and micro-business managers can choose the employee savings plan that best meets their needs, subscribe to it and implement it at their business. Managing the plan is simplified by a tool that generates personalised simulations and estimations of the budget allocated to bonuses, matching contributions, and so on.

In financing for business and public-sector customers, KLS, a solution distributed by Crédit Agricole Lending Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group’s startup studio, La Fabrique by CA), is a service platform aimed at optimising and developing multi-party financing (syndicated, shared, etc.).
In a further development, Amundi, Crédit Agricole CIB, BNP Paribas, Natixis and S2iEM have joined forces with Orange to create NowCP, a digital market place for the issuance and trading of short-term debt securities. Bringing together issuers, investors and intermediaries through a single platform, NowCP offers a transparent and secure, near-instantaneous financing and investment service, from trading to settlement.

Simulators and comparison tools are also available to retail customers with financial plans. At CA CF, customers can use Digisimu to obtain information on the financial possibilities open to them for personal projects, car loans, home improvement work and student loans. The resource is a simple and effective way for knowing where you are going and avoiding unpleasant surprises.
The retirement simulator introduced by group insurance and Amundi is a unique contact point, with the unified management of employees’ personal data, as part of the coverage implemented by their company. The simulator helps them to optimally manage their retirement savings.

Most of these actions are inter-operable, i.e. initiated at branches and completed by the customer fully independently.



Enhancing customers’ everyday lives

In addition to the customer journey mentioned above, a number of solutions enhance the daily lives of customers, including young customers, consistent with their personal situation.

This is true of the new “Grossesse by Parents” app, made by CACD2 (Crédit Agricole Digital Consulting & Development), which supports future mothers (and fathers) in their adventure towards parenthood.
In the same spirit, before their Air France flight, travellers can keep up with the news thanks to the digital kiosk introduced in partnership with Uni-Medias.

Loyalty cards for local retail are easy to manage with the UptoPay digital loyalty service provided by Crédit Agricole Payment Services.

Meanwhile, the chatbot in the MaSanté app, made also by CACD2, answers the numerous questions asked by policyholders in their healthcare journeys.

Students are also a key focus with "LCL Mon Campus", which answers essential questions on deciding on a career direction, writing a CV, obtaining a driving licence at reduced cost, and taking care of administrative tasks.

Lastly, day-to-day life with friends can also be simplified with Paylib P2P, for making transfers to friends and loved ones.

With nearly two billion connections on the Group’s digital channels in 2019 (customer web portal and mobile apps) and five million active users for the Ma Banque app – the number-one banking app in Europe – Crédit Agricole is showing that it has successfully responded to the expectations of its customers in this field.


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