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Points Verts become Relais CA

The proximity of Crédit Agricole’s Regional Banks is relational but also geographical – and they set great store in that presence. As seen in their 6,800 branches and 12,000 cash machines, as well as in the high-tech bank trucks that have been reintroduced at some Regional Banks. The coverage of the Points Verts network is almost as impressive, with 6,000 service points in rural areas, but is less well known and not strongly identified with Crédit Agricole.

With cash withdrawals having been facilitated by the French law authorising cashbacks, the key question was how to revive this little gem launched in 1988 in Centre Loire as well as in the Loire-Atlantique and the Rhône departments. This was the task of a working group coordinated by the FNCA and composed of representatives from the Regional Banks, Crédit Agricole S.A. and CA Payment Services.


Main objectives 

The four key objectives are to:

• boost the reach of branches by extending their presence, fully consistent with the customer-focused universal banking concept that characterises the Group and that of the multi-channel retail bank that defines the Regional Banks;
• reassert our usefulness at local and regional level, in line with our raison d’être;
• reassert our presence, in contrast to the players that are deserting the territories, and counter rivals such as Nickel;
• boost our momentum in winning over and gaining the loyalty of retail customers, who may be attracted to the services provided, as well as that of retailers, who are paid for the service provided and are able to increase foot traffic in their shops.


One promise and two priority focuses

The promise is aligned with our raison d’être, “Acting every day in the interest of our customers and society”. It also means bringing our customers a service available to everyone everywhere and giving local retail a welcome boost.

To lend form to that promise, two working focuses were prioritised: communication and the extension of the offering.

Why communicate? To remedy the lack of awareness measured with our customers, a survey was administered with 3,000 of them, the results showing that 82% were not aware of the Points Verts. The new name, “Relais CA”, is clearer and properly expresses the link with Crédit Agricole.

With the new name come a new logo and new signage, as useful as the previous signage was diverse. A national communication campaign will reinforce awareness in 2020.

In addition, the possibility is being reviewed of setting up Crédit Agricole spaces at Relais CA to spread the word on digital services such as Eko and Globetrotter. This constitutes the first step towards a greater extension of the offering, which could include the opening of a payment account comparable to Nickel and the sale of prepaid cards.


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