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Third Conference of the Observatory of Working Conditions

On 12 September 2019, the third Conference of the Observatory of Working Conditions of Crédit Agricole held at the FNCA was attended by nearly 300 individuals involved in social innovation from 37 Regional Banks and eight Crédit Agricole S.A. Group entities. The event featured pluridisciplinary discussions, feedback and debates focused on the issues of performance and working conditions.

A panel discussion organised with external guests (sociologist P. Ughetto and Michelin director P. Gaigneux) addressed several key topics, including striking a balance between performance and improved working conditions, as well as trust as a prerequisite for effective dialogue.

The 300 participants, hailing from a diverse array of fields (including HR professionals, heads of organisation and sales distribution, work doctors, and representatives from general management, trade unions and ANACT*) were then able to take part in four out of the eleven workshops organised to reflect the various initiatives of the Regional Banks.


Discussions and personal feedback on work

The Toulouse 31 workshop showed participants how, on the basis of real work analysis led according to methods developed as part of the Observatory, the Regional Bank supports its managers through IFCAM-listed training to help them foster autonomy and empower their employees at local level.

The Anjou Maine Regional Bank presented its policy on co-building working hours with social partners, customers, administrators, employees and managers.

The workshop organised by the Finistère Regional Bank focused on an analysis of the work of a retail customer adviser.

Another workshop addressed the issue of work simulation, a participative methodology enabling employees to play their own role in a real work situation projected into the future, thus playing a full role in the transformation.

Though varied, the topics reviewed and illustrated throughout the day-long event were all consistent with the Group’s Human Project and its aim to adopt a “more empowering managerial model and work organisation system as part of a framework of increased trust”.





The Observatory, a joint body

The result of a branch agreement*, the National Observatory of Working Conditions of Crédit Agricole is a joint body with three main responsibilities: promoting social innovation policies, making work central to projects, and disseminating methods discovered and co-built with the Regional Banks through the policies it supports. Coordinated by the FNCA**, the Observatory is currently chaired by Franck Bernard, Managing Director of the Finistère Regional Bank.



(1) Agence nationale pour l’amélioration des conditions de travail (national agency for the improvement of working conditions).

(2) The Regional Banks form a professional branch that also includes IFCAM, CA Titres, CA TS, Cagip and the FNCA.

(3) Contacts: HR Development Department, Murielle Anweiler and Elisène Dehaut.



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