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The Crédit Agricole Group supports cultural and socially-responsible players in the heart of territories in France and internationally.

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Through its Foundations, partnerships and contributions to endowment funds, the Crédit Agricole Group supports engaged entities, thereby enabling local patronage initiatives responding to local priorities there where the Group, its Regional Banks and subsidiaries are based. This organisational approach plays a useful role at local and regional level.


« Useful patronage at local and regional level. »


In France, the CA Pays de France, CA Solidarity and Development and LCL Foundations work in the fields of culture, solidarity and medical research, respectively. Through targeted programmes, a large number of entities invest in musical patronage, including Amundi and CACIB.

Internationally, the CA Grameen Foundation works in the development of microcredit and social business and the Farm Foundation in agricultural progress in African countries. In Italy, Amundi contributes to the promotion of French culture in the country, while Gruppo Cariparma works in heritage conservation.  


Cultural patronage focused on heritage and artistic creation

The Crédit Agricole Group actively contributes to heritage conservation and artistic creation.

Heritage conservation

By supporting heritage, it seeks to protect and promote architectural cultural and natural heritage with a view to preserving or developing economic, cultural and social activity at local level. In France, the CA Pays de France Foundation has supported the Regional Banks since 1979.

Crédit Agricole is also a patron of construction, helping to build the Cité du Vin, opened in June 2016, and the French Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan, and also contributing to the renovation of the Château de Fontainebleau and the Collège des Bernardins in Paris.



Marking its commitment in favour of heritage, Crédit Agricole is a founding member of the Fondation du Patrimoine (“Heritage Foundation”). It is also partnering the European Heritage Days in 2017.


Artistic creation

As part of its commitment to artistic creation, Crédit Agricole takes part in support programmes for young creators. It has been a partner of the Jeune Création Européenne Contemporary Art Show in Montrouge and the artists’ residence in the same town since 2010. A founding member of the InPACT endowment fund created on an initiative by the French Ministry of Culture, Crédit Agricole contributes to the creation of artistic projects for audiences that are unaccustomed to attending cultural events. Crédit Agricole’s subsidiary Amundi, a patron of the Villa Medicis in Rome since 2003, provides support to its residents. Amundi also supports the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France in the creation of new works, a commitment to musical creation that it shares with CACIB and its support for the Arts Florissants orchestra.

Firmly convinced that culture should be open to all, Crédit Agricole works with cultural venues with mass-public appeal, as illustrated by CACIB’s commitment to the Quai Branly Museum.



Solidarity patronage to help those who help

At Crédit Agricole, we support those who are committed to solidarity by supporting organisations such as Dons Solidaires and ELA and also by developing contacts between solidarity players, as illustrated by CA Assurances with the Les Aidants programme, in addition to support for charity organisation projects facilitating the work of care givers with dependent individuals.

A partner of the Convergences World Forum since 2011,Crédit Agricole fosters dialogue between stakeholders in social solidarity. 


days and evenings for co-development






To support the commitment of Crédit Agricole employees to community-minded causes, the “Solidaires” programme introduced in 2012 promotes and funds the voluntary engagement of Group staff.

An entire set of Crédit Agricole Group foundations is dedicated to solidarity in France and internationally.

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