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The Crédit Agricole S.A. Group referencing policy

As part of its policy on the optimisation of expenses, the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group has introduced a referencing system for some purchasing categories. Each referencing line is reviewed annually and collectively by the entities and business representatives. The relevance and quality of supplier responses and the adjustment of the offering to new needs are examined with careful attention.


List of existing referencing lines

  Consumables, office equipment (furniture, office supplies, consumables, multifunction equipment, maintenance and materials)

  Business travel


  Shipping (postage, express transport, couriers)

  Logistics (relocations, internal distribution, mail management, sorting and archiving)

  Occupant services (room service, luncheon vouchers and universal services employment cheques (CESU), on-site catering services, including meal trays and drinks machines)


  Payment and electronic payment

  Cash transport

  Advice and assistance

  Legal services

  HR services

  Translation and interpretation

  Multimedia communication




  Real estate (building studies and engineering, supply of fluids and energy)

  Building services

  Construction work (new and renovations)

  IT equipment

  Networks and telecoms

  IT software

  IT services

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